The Fall

It’s a great crime series from the BBC that was recently added to Netflix. The Fall is a disturbing look at obsession on both sides of the law, and it’s almost perfect – impeccably acted, beautifully shot, and well-written. Gillian Anderson gives the performance of the year and, possibly, her career.

The show’s focus on a single serial killer works to its benefit. In an American crime drama, we would have been done with this story in a single forty-two minute episode and moved on to the next week’s criminal. By letting us spend more time with this killer and this investigation, the show ends up being much more horrifying than most corpse-of-the-week cop shows.

Without giving too much away, there’s a pretty bold storytelling decision in the last episode that caused some consternation when it aired a few weeks ago. It worked for me – but mostly because I knew at that point that the show had been renewed for a second series of five episodes.