Creative Reinterpretation.

There are a lot of Lady Gaga covers out there, but in my (admittedly biased) opinion, this is the best: my good friend Darrell absolutely tearing through a metal-tinged version of “Bad Romance” armed with nothing but a mic, a guitar, a bedroom in Queens, some presumably-puzzled neighbors, and a bucketload of inspiration.

For whatever reason, I have the undeserved good fortune of being close with a number of exceptionally talented musicians - from the members of the (much-missed, by me) NYU Chamber Singers to my old roommates to, frankly, my little brothers. I’ve highlighted their efforts here before, and I’ll do my best to share more of their work in the future. What these people have in common - besides me, I suppose - is their uncommonly high musical proficiency, and indeed, what endears this cover to me is not only the obvious affection that Darrell has for the song but also his pervasive skill. Listen to the bridge (3:07-3:30) and you’ll see what I mean.

By day, Darrell performs in the alt-rock group Arvel, along with my friends Alex and Madelyn - a killer lineup if I ever heard one. I am assured that plans for a proper debut album are well in the works, but as of yet I can only wait, and hope.