And that, friends, is why he's a Knight.

I have been enjoying Star Trek references for a long time, but I think that might be my favorite. This clip also makes me wonder: I watched a lot of Sesame Street as a child, but none of it after about the age of six. How much stuff like this did I miss out on? Is the show really just filled with pop-culture allusions, stuck in there by producers to amuse parents watching from the background? In all seriousness, though, Patrick Stewart absolutely deserves his Knighthood, and he’s been an essential part of my media cloud since I first grasped the concept of popular culture. I started watching The Next Generation when I was eight or nine and it remains, for me, the definitive version of Star Trek; a yearly viewing of his version of A Christmas Carol became mandatory soon after its release in 1999; and his later turns in things like X-Men have been uniformly excellent. And I find Stewart’s previously-unseen sense of humor and willingness to poke fun at himself refreshing, too - his cameo on Extras is hilarious, and I’d watch interviews like this one for hours. So: congratulations, Sir.