A Weak, Semi-Qualified Defense of Keane.

My friend Madelyn, who blogs about music at A Dinosaur in Brooklyn, has a post up called “In Defense of Keane”, in which she says:

I’m just going to say it: I LIKE KEANE.

And I’ll tell you why.

I took the time to listen to them. I did not let “Somewhere Only We Know” inform my entire opinion. It was a hit, and was branded “adult contemporary” (whatever the fuck that means) and they were often mentioned in the same breath as Coldplay (fuck Coldplay). And if you only listen to that song, it makes sense. But the rest of 2004’s Hopes and Fears goes in more than one direction. It’s piano driven rock, sure, but it gets fast paced and even experimental and dark toward the end.

I will also admit to liking Keane, especially in their Hopes and Fears stage, although I don’t actually think it’s possible to like Keane and not Coldplay without having a predisposition toward the latter, since they sound exactly the same.  But in 2004 I was pretty into that, and my favorite song was actually “Bedshaped” which, listening to it now, is still pretty awesomely bombastic.

But my favorite thing about Keane is that the lead singer / pianist exclusively plays a Yamaha CP70 electric piano, which is pretty much my most lusted-after object.  It’s not an electric piano in that its sound is acoustic; it has strings and hammers.  But below those strings and hammers are pickups, like on a guitar, and instead of having to mic it the CP70 can just plug into any amp.  Also, it comes apart into three pieces for (slightly) easier carrying and storage.  It’s pretty much the most awesome piano ever invented.  So, nice job, Keane.