52 Week Photography Challenge

I love photography, but I find that in my day-to-day life, I have trouble finding inspiration to shoot. When I'm traveling, it feels like the camera never leaves my hand; back at home, I'll go for weeks at a time without picking it up.

So to motivate myself to pick up the camera more often, I'm embarking on a 52 Week Photography project (thanks to Jon Hathaway for the inspiration). The rules are simple:

  • Every Monday, I'll generate a random art prompt using this website;
  • I have to take a photo that represents that prompt during the following week;
  • And post it the following Monday.

I'm going to try to shoot these with my mirrorless camera rather than my iPhone, but I don't think I'll make that a hard-and-fast rule.

Here's a gallery of my entries so far (click on a photo to see a larger version). And I really hope you'll follow me on Flickr or Instagram for updates throughout the challenge.